Weekend Round-up

Hey there! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. I’m heading to Ireland tomorrow so my weekend is finishing up a little early. Saturday afternoon, we made the most of the nice weather and went for a walk in the town centre ending up in the  “café du théâtre” for tea. I love the modern decoration …

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Sweet Treats

Motivation On A Grey Day

French rental homes and apartments don’t typically come equipped with an oven which is, frankly, not a necessity for the sweet-toothed over here because there are just so many bakeries filled with all sorts of fairytale worthy cakes to oggle over. But sometimes grey weather closes in and leaves me in need of a culinary motivational …

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Cake With A Fork*

We all associate France with its luxury brands, its delicious food and its effortlessly stylish women whose beauty the English language can’t adequately describe so we use the French, “chic”.  Since living here, I’ve realised that it also deserves to be famous for the simplicity and elegance that elevate the most routine aspects of day to …

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