Cake With A Fork*

We all associate France with its luxury brands, its delicious food and its effortlessly stylish women whose beauty the English language can’t adequately describe so we use the French, “chic”.  Since living here, I’ve realised that it also deserves to be famous for the simplicity and elegance that elevate the most routine aspects of day to day life, making them moments of pure pleasure and contentment.

Blogs and social media have become a way for me to stay connected with the English speaking world while navigating life in France. They also helped me explore a more sustainable, back-to-basics attitude and as I discovered new beauty products, new clothes brands and tasty foods and quirks in the French lifestyle I found myself wanting to share these things with other people looking to develop intentionally simple and meaningful lives.

So, almost five years after landing in France to be with my French fiancé, here I am for a chat about what I’ve found.



*Eating cake with a fork rather than a spoon.  The simplest of changes that makes those delicacies from the boulangerie taste even better. 

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