Weekend Round-up

Hey there! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. I’m heading to Ireland tomorrow so my weekend is finishing up a little early.

Saturday afternoon, we made the most of the nice weather and went for a walk in the town centre ending up in the  “café du théâtre” for tea. I love the modern decoration in here. The grey paint on the far wall adds a nice depth to the whole mezzanine space and the book shelves made out of old wine bottle boxes are definitely on my list of things to try out – I’m sure they’re the sort of thing that can be picked up for little or nothing in most countries (If you know where to look of course!).

For Easter I wanted to try my hand at a roast chicken. I did the chicken and the vegetables in one big dish (potatoes, carrots, parsnip, a mini turnip and a funny looking little root veg called a ‘topinambour’).

But the stars of the day were these desserts that Anthony picked out. They’re a fancy Paris-Brest ( a firm favourite in any boulangerie). The choux pastry is filled with a praline flavoured cream and these have a little nip of chocolate crème-patissiere and a crunchy little praline biscuit too. As you can see in the photo, this particular version is served on a crunchy little base with an individual wooden tray! Adorable! Normally there are three in each dessert but we had both tucked in before I thought of whipping the camera out! You see how the top of the pastry has a funny texture ? I discovered, while watching the French version of the Great British Bake Off that the crumbly texture is actually a coating that is put on top of the pastries to keep them nice and round while they cook!

Paris-Brest from Jean-François Foucher

Later in the evening we strolled around the carnival which comes into town every Easter and had our “apéro” of two Ricard’s on the port. Ricard is an aniseed flavoured alcohol which you dilute with water. Apparently it’s a big deal whether you choose to drink it out of a tall glass or a round one, but who has time for that type of decision making when you’re really thirsty?!

Apéro at the Yacht Club

While we were there, this article fell out of the magazine I was reading, it was about people deciding not to shower. French people deciding not to shower or at least shower a lot less than the typical once a day. And even though the article points out that this trend started in the US, all I could think was Oh no, Peppy le Pew, here we go again!!!! But really though, is it possible that we’re all a bit too hygienic  ? That we need to step away from the shower gel and let our skin manage itself ? What do you think ?

Are you a "décroissant de l'hygiène" ?
From this week’s edition of L’Obs

Credit to Anthony for the photos of those desserts and the carnival 💕

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