Casual Spring Chic for the Perfect Weekend Look

The sun is out and although it’s still chilly (and only Wednesday) I’m dreaming of a weekend stroll around the shops as the Saturday rush calms down and, an “apéro”. “L’apéro” is the thing to do at the moment – it’s a magical time between work and dinner where you catch up with friends or your darling over a glass of something refreshing and relax before hometime and dinner. Casual Spring Chic is what’s called for : going for drinks doesn’t require being dressed up to the nines to be a stylish affairs – just pop on these suggestions and call it l’apéro. (That’s my plan anyway!)

Whether you’re wandering around town window-shopping, sitting on the terrasse or inside with some chill music, you’ll want to look chic. Here’s how you can pull of Spring French chic while staying warm.


I just can’t get enough of those Breton stripes and Saint James is the go to for these oh-so-French tshirts. The French name is “marinière” so these should be known as sailor t-shirts but whether they belong to Bretons or sailors, they’re a firm favourite of, well, everyone’s. This particular model is made with a heavy cotton which is ideal for the evening chill and the red changes things up a little from the navy we usually see. But if navy is what you’re after the same model is available in navy too.

These sunglasses stray a little into a more Hollywood feminine look with the pink hue of the lenses but the brand itself couldn’t be more French. And, for me they add a real touch of casual Spring chic -ness to the whole look. After the winter it’s high time for sunglasses to make a return. This relatively young brand designs, manufactures and sells their own glasses (all in France). Not only that but Jimmy Fairly guarantees honest prices and every pair sold is matched with a pair for someone in need.

Jeans are quintessentially French, so much so that the word “denim” is actually French in origin. “denim” = “de Nîmes” = fabric from the city of Nîmes.  This family owned company maintained the heritage of French denim when it was dying out. They care deeply about quality and the source of their fabric (no longer made in Nîmes but sourced in Northern Italy or Spain).  Be like the cool kids and roll up the bottoms for an extra summer-y look.

Perfect for an extra scarf (just in case), your purse and any impulse buys, cotton totes are rarely outdone. And, at 18 euro, these ones won’t break leave your bank card trailing too much steam.

Finally, these classic low tops aren’t exactly what you might expect. They are from German brand “Ethletics” which prides itself on being fair, vegan and sustainable. And they cost the same as your regular branded low tops. Unlike other similar models, these are not clunky or a bit weird to look at – I’ve bought off-brand low-tops before and the cap always seems too big or disproportionate. Not to mention that these ones are super comfy since their insole has a well-placed arch support. (I have the same model in a taupe/gray colour)

So that’s my Wishlist for a casual Spring chic look for the weekend. What do you think ?  What look says weekend stroll to you ?

To follow through to the websites, Click on the image, just below you should find the source link. If you don’t, let me know!


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