Hi there,

I’m Barbara, that girl over there in France who can variously be found

a.testing everything French ( beauty products, desserts, France-only holidays)

b.trying out, messing up and redoing (properly this time) one DIY project or another

c.browsing yet another secondhand shop ‘just in case’ she strikes lucky

d.planning visits to Ireland or London or somewhere else

or, of course,

e. bothering the waiter for a fork for her dessert

Maybe you’re family or a friend and you’ve come here out of kindness in which case thank you and the next time we catch up your drink is on me. And in the meantime, I hope you have fun reading 🙂

Maybe you fell down an internet rabbit hole and landed here and if that’s the case, welcome, the “eat mes” and “drink mes” are virtual but there are always links to help you find the same closer to home.

If you’ve got a question or suggestion you can contact me at cakewithafork@gmail.com





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